Safety Training

True North is dedicated to the safety of its employees. We adhere daily to a detailed safety program. Keeping our team safe and aware of job hazards is a company-wide responsibility. Before each job starts, we collectively discuss potential hazards, prevention methods and make sure all employees completely understand the emergency plan.

Tower Safety Certification

Safety is key at True North. All new team members complete our Tower Safety Apprentice Program and receive Tower Safety Certification. True North has two certified safety instructors that lead an extensive Tower Safety Apprentice Program that breaks out training and education to help understand tower and personal safety. The first part of the program covers program RF awareness, tower safety, electrical and environmental hazards. Once completed, enrollees advance to our internal safety school, take (and pass) a written test, and move on to the final stage of the program that addresses “person to person” safety. Team members will be asked to physically perform a “person to person” safety rescue on a tower, as well as allow to be rescued from the tower. Once completed they are certified for Tower Safety.

Other certifications covered include First Aid and CPR.

In addition to our internal safety programs, we adhere to all OSHA Safety Regulations. True North is qualified through our EMR rating to work for all fortune 500 companies.

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