Technical Services

Equipment Installation

True North is considered to be preferred BTS equipment installers with all of our clients. Our working experience has developed a foundation to install any type of BTS.

Our proficiency in equipment installation and the replacement of existing equipment and our knowledge of working inside the maintenance window give us an advantage in the field. We know that when you take a cell site off air it has to return to service with no issues. Our industry knowledge gives us the confidence to get our clients’ sites back “On Air” as soon as possible.

Sprint / Nextel

  • All Nortel BTS’
  • Northern Technologies PPC Cabinets
  • Motorola iDEN Equipment
  • Power Plants / Batteries Installation
  • Powerwave MCPA
  • CCI
  • Transtector PPC Cabinets
  • MobileAccess
  • Andrew ADRF
  • Tellabs 8605
  • Trilogy CDMA/iDEN

Cricket Communications

  • Alcatel Lucent 4401
  • Alcatel 4.0 Mod Cell
  • Transtector PPC Cabinet
  • Battery Cabinet


  • Nokia BTS – UltraSite Edge & Generation 2
  • True Position LMU
  • Andrew MCPA
  • Purcell Power Cabinet
  • Nortel NTI Power Cabinets
  • Ciena Box
  • RF Performance Drive Testing

Verizon Wireless

  • Ericsson Nortel BTS
  • Lucent BTS
  • ENB Equipment
  • LTE Preparation
  • Power Plants
  • DSX Panels, MUX & 66 Blocks
  • All Microwave Equipment and Path Alignments
  • PIM Testing
  • PPC Connectors
  • Alarm Wiring
  • Verizon Wireless Headquarters’ Maintenance in St. Louis


  • Motorola WAP 450
  • Motorola WiMAX
  • DragonWave Equipment

US Cellular

  • All Nortel BTS’ indoor/outdoor
  • Andrew ADRF
  • All Microwave Equipment and Path Alignments
  • COLT & COW, Setup and Installation
  • Equipment Commissioning
  • Anritsu Sweep Testing