Tower Services

Cell Site Construction & Maintenance

Raw Land Development: True North’s resources have the experience to construct and maintain all types of telecommunication towers. Construction capabilities include tower erection, tower maintenance, carrier equipment upgrades/change-outs, concrete foundations, equipment pads, tower/land surveying and new equipment installations. Our internal systems and experienced personnel insure timeline, quality and efficiency of raw land developments. Our proven systems, developed over the years, have been tested by our clients in aggressive build programs. We take pride in delivering accurate forecasted construction dates as communicated to our clients. It is important to us because our clients rely on our information for their reporting efforts. Additionally, we offer management services for our clients from site selection, A&E services, environmental, regulatory and government agencies. Our turnkey approach increases efficiencies and will reduce overall cost. True North understands the importance of owning a job from start to finish and being a single point of contact for new raw land development. With this understanding and belief system, we self-perform over 70% of our work. We have an approved subcontracting force. We investigate our subcontractors not just for their capabilities but to make sure their company culture mirrors the image of ours. Collectively, our resources are a seamless operation from start to finish.


Pre-Construction (Site Acquisition and Zoning Approval) Phase

A large part of building a wireless network is actually done prior to construction. True North can assist in acquiring new site candidates and evaluating them for construction issues, RF performance, proximity to fiber rings and costs associated with circuit lease. Other considerations are given for: floor space requirements, overhead space requirements, commercial power, access for materials and machinery, and physical security. True North will assist throughout the zoning and permitting stages, manage the architectural and engineering drawing process, and fulfill other pre-construction requirements. Other services True North can offer include equipment warehousing, evaluation of construction vendors, and management of purchase orders for equipment.

Construction Phase

True North will provide and coordinate manpower and material resources required for construction and will be the on-site point of contact. Construction capabilities include geotechnical surveys, tower erection, concrete foundations and equipment pads, general surveying, and equipment installations. After the site is built, we will self-perform test and acceptance procedures or coordinate third party Q/A inspections, then RF and integration test for towers.