The Associated Press – True North featured NATIONWIDE for Veteran Hiring Program

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At True North, veterans are an important part of our mission and vision for the future. We are constantly building upon our existing training programs so that we may give back to the men and women who served our country.

“By hiring veterans for positions here at True North, we’re providing them with a great experience and career training,” said Myers.

Our training programs provide all team members with a two-year apprenticeship to ensure they receive outstanding training. For our veteran members, this not only gives them hands-on experience in a lucrative career, but it also helps them as they readjust to civilian life.

Joyce Rosenberg of The Associated Press, interviewed True North president Steve Myers to discuss why he invests in veterans and how the training programs can serve as an educational value. The program helps employers get connected to a meaningful opportunity that allows them to secure themselves financially while being acknowledge for their service.

We’d like to thank The Associated Press for sharing True North’s story and bringing more awareness to the veteran job market. Read more